Hello Henrik

Works as: CEO Proton Finishing

Worked at Proton: 15 years


Maybe we should call you ”Mr Metallurgy”?

”Haha, well, it was actually not obvious that I would study. I am a working boy from the rural Swedish region of Värmland; my father was a metal worker and my mother worked in daycare. But after a few years in the military, and after working as a welder in Norway, I started my engineering studies at ‘Bergsskolan’, which is known for its educations in metallurgy, Bergskolan is also part of Luleå University. Then and there I discovered the cool world of materials technology! ”


From Site Manager to CEO, tell us about your career at Proton Finishing!

“I had worked with surface heat treatment for a couple of years, when I noticed that Proton Finishing was looking for a site manager for the production they had in Huskvarna at that time. It was in 2009, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, and I quickly became involved in the restructuring of the business. As a site manager I got committed in Finishing’s transition into an efficient and profitable surface treatment specialist. It has been a rewarding journey with various assignments, from site manager to the management team and, now, as a leader of the company.”


Why have you choosen to stay with Proton Finishing?

“Because it’s good action! The surface treatment industry is quite traditional, which means that there is great potential for development and change. Proton Finishing has seized many of those opportunities and is today very well positioned in a number of different areas. It has been an exciting journey! We have a forward-looking sustainability work and in 2022 we will implement the new vehicle standard IATF. Currently we are running a development project in process development and sustainability; for this we have formed a completely new ‘X-Team’ that will lead the work. I think it’s fun to work in a group with a focus on growth. Decisions are made in an effective way the fact that the group is family-owned and not public enables, in my experience, a different focus. A majority of the management teams consist of employees who have made careers within the company – they can of course also be found in many in other positions. I think that says a lot! ”


Why should you choose to work in Proton Group?

”That’s an easy one! You will have a lot of fun at work!”

”It’s good action in this company”