Meet Mathias Bertilfelt

Working as: Operations Manager/CO

Works at: Proton Finishing

Mathias Bertilfelt started as COO in December last year and we are so happy to have him here! He comes from Ymer Technology where he worked as Global Production Engineering Manager for the last 4 years.

He found us through the job advert, but it was the interview with Henrik and Mari that made him want to be part of Proton Finishing.
‘I already felt when I read the advert that this could suit me and after the interview both the company and the position felt right’ explains Mathias.


So what was it that felt so right?

I want to be able to see the ‘red thread’ all the way through the company’s ambition, plan and execution. This is something that reveals a lot about a company.
The drive to develop and grow came through strongly in the presentation and the questions I received. Being able to see that the investments that have been made, and are on track, match up to the vision made me quickly realise that they are serious.
The investment made in the development team (X-team) is something that you do not see in many companies. Appointing a group with different expertise solely to run development projects and keep an eye on new technology is pretty cool and shows the drive that exists. For me, it’s important that there’s a strong pulse, and there definitely is here.


…and what do we get then?

I have a solid knowledge of production development, project management and leadership from my previous role. I also have experience of working broadly across several different units, which is of great importance when entering a role like this. As I see it, we are both winners.


What will you focus on in the near future?

I’ve only been here a short time so I have a lot to familiarise myself with, but one of my ‘passion points’ is to tie the units together even more by working with best practice, mentoring and team spirit.
We are strong together and we will capitalise on that at all levels. Together with sustainable production development, streamlining and a certain amount of persistence, the possibilities are endless.


Who is he in private?

He’s the guy who built a decking to mimic herringbone parquet, need I say more? Not me anyway, he immediately got my OK stamp.
He and his wife Hanna recently finished building a house, the next project will be to create the garden so you can guess that spring is fully booked for them.

When he’s not busy with big projects, riding his motorbike or trying to fit in some time for hunting, leisure activities with their two children and lovely family time are on the agenda.

A warm welcome Mathias!