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Proton stands for positive change. With smart industrial solutions, we create meaningful jobs and economise on the earth’s resources. Together, we can contribute to a better world for the next generation.

We are better together.

Proton is a Swedish, family-owned industrial group in growth. We make long-term investments in people, companies and industries with potential to develop. Independent individuals united by a strong conviction: that real success is created through co-operation. The journey towards the goal, the challenges we face along the way and the pride in the work we do together are our common driving force. ENJOY SUCCEEDING TOGETHER®!

When you see the width of our business areas, you realise that Proton Group is not like any other group. Because how do you actually manage to stay focused in areas as diverse as surface treatment, lighting, pipe bending, pipe installations, machine safety and corrosion testing? The answer lies in power, commitment and a strong passion. A commitment that runs like a red thread through the group, which despite its size is familiar with short decision-making paths and proximity between owners, board and employees.

Based in the Värnamo area, Proton Group has been characterised by drive and initiative since its inception. Companies have been acquired or sold, operations have been added and also discontinued. What remains is a profitable and strong group that today consists of the brands Proton Engineering, Proton Finishing, Exaktor, Exlite, Cotec Labs, Cedoc, JL Safety and Weldin Gothenburg.

Proton Group’s founder, Leif Malveholm, had strong local roots and a clear desire to develop the Proton Group in the places where it operates. This is a legacy that his children want to pass on and that CEO David Gustafsson has become part of. Proton continues to engage with local organisations, businesses and the public sector to develop the regions where we operate. Taking our share of responsibility is important to us – it makes a positive contribution to our businesses.

Positive difference is about daring to do something different, challenging the established and striving for new, favourable outcomes.




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It’s easy to get caught up in a global context, but we see great opportunities in making a difference locally.

David Gustafsson

Group CEO

The story of Proton Group

Making a positive difference was the basic idea behind the creation of Proton Group almost 35 years ago. Proton Group was formed in 1990 when a number of stakeholders, including Leif Malveholm, bought out a group of around ten industrial companies from the stock exchange. The intention was to build an industrial group that stood on several legs. At the time, the existing base was the surface treatment companies that are now part of the Proton Finishing business. The strategy was to invest in environmental improvement measures, as it was anticipated that stricter environmental regulations would make it more difficult for the smaller companies in the industry to compete. As part of the strategy, there was also the opportunity to create synergies between the surface treatment business and the construction business, which is now Proton Engineering. Throughout its history, Proton Group has faced both opportunities and setbacks, but has always managed to offer its customers and employees stability. After a series of heavy investments, including in the environment, as well as divestments of non-strategic assets, Proton Group is equipped for future growth.

  • 1990 Proton Group is established

    Proton Group is formed when Leif Malveholm, as the majority shareholder, buys a group of companies off the stock exchange. Eight years later, it reaches its first target – a turnover of SEK 500 million.

  • 2000 Common name structure

    All the companies in the group have a common name structure and a Proton profile. At the turn of the millennium, the group employs 723 people, has a turnover of SEK 782 million and achieves its best result to date, SEK 55 million.

  • 2011 Change of generation

    Founder Leif Malveholm passes away and his children Marcus, Daniel and Sanna Malveholm become owners.

  • 2015 Proton Group 25 years

    Proton Group celebrates 25 years with a big anniversary party for all employees.

  • 2019 Acquisitions in machinery safety

    Proton Group acquires machinery safety companies JL Safety and CEDOC.

  • 2020 Acquisitions in pipe installation

    Proton Group acquires Gunnar Hansson Svetsteknik and Teknikrör in Kinna, which have merged to form Weldin Gothenburg.

  • 2021 Acquisitions in surface treatment

    Proton Group acquires surface treatment company Alsab in Anderstorp.

  • 2023 One company becomes two

    To enable the next step in the growth journey, JL Safety & Cedoc will become separate companies. JL Safety will remain in Skara and Cedoc will move its operations to Science Park in Skövde.

  • 2024 Rebranding Proton Group

    Rebranding for Proton Group and a new brand strategy is implemented for the group. We are building our strong brands and most of the Group’s brands have been reworked.

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Organisational structure

Our business is divided into six areas operating in different industries, but with the link to industrial production as a common denominator. A number of companies operate within the framework of the various activities, all of which have the freedom to run their business and their sustainability work under their own responsibility. Proton Services, which provides expertise in finance, HR, IT, marketing communications, sustainability and management issues, supports these operations.



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