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Strong brands are part of our strategy. It’s about providing a strong and relevant offer to our customers and suppliers, but also to our employees and potential future colleagues.

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Proton Finishing

Proton Finishing offers surface treatment that extends the life of your products. We work with chemicals that are hazardous to both humans and the environment and therefore take great responsibility over reducing our environmental impact – through sustainable processes and prioritising the safety of our employees.

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Proton Engineering

Proton Engineering supplies the heavy vehicle industry and plays a crucial role in the long-term sustainability of vehicles by providing well-designed and durable parts. Our focus on sustainability results in added value for our customers through resource and energy efficient solutions. We prioritise good working conditions and set tough requirements for our suppliers to ensure quality and responsibility throughout the supply chain.

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Exaktor offers energy-efficient LED lighting and intelligent control systems that help customers reduce their energy consumption, electricity costs and carbon footprint. Our products help improve the health and well-being of employees, while well-lit public environments contribute to community safety.

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Exlite offers flexible lighting solutions that can be integrated into existing systems. By combining energy-efficient LED lighting with intelligent control systems, we help our customers reduce energy consumption and lower their carbon emissions. High-quality lighting also improves the working environment and the health and safety of employees.

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Cotec Labs

Cotec Labs Cotec Labs is a global partner in corrosion testing and surface analyses, with a focus on the industrial and automotive sectors. We are an OEM test supplier to companies such as Volvo, Ford and IKEA. By ensuring the quality of surface-treated parts, we help make surface-treated products more durable and fulfil the requirements for expected service life.

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Weldin Gothenburg are experts in the food, process and chemical industries, driving their customers’ transition to energy and resource efficient production. By offering complete solutions in pipework and installations, we help our customers to rebuild or construct facilities that meet future demands for sustainability.

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JL Safety

JL Safety offers safe machines for everyone and provides both training and consultation in the field. With knowledge and tools for the regulations imposed on machines and the use of work equipment, we create safe and secure working environments with a focus on reducing the risk of personal injury in industry.

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Cedoc is the software that creates a machine-safe workplace. By managing risk assessment, CE marking and documentation of machinery, we contribute to both safer and healthier working environments – with the goal of everyone coming home from work unharmed.

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The group’s business areas


Exaktor and Exlite are located in Värnamo and manufacture and sell lighting and lighting solutions for industry, offices, schools, homes, shops and outdoor environments.

Surface treatment

Proton Finishing is a supplier of surface treatment in the automotive, construction and other engineering industries. Offers processes in both anti-corrosion and decorative surface treatments.

Pipe bending

Proton Engineering in Skillingaryd is a complete supplier of product development, prototypes, bent, welded and assembled pipe structures for the automotive and other engineering industries.

Pipework installations

Weldin Gothenburg stands for unique expertise in advanced pipe installations for infrastructure, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and process industry.

Safety of machinery

In Skara, JL Safety works with machine safety, risk assessments and training. Cedoc, based in Skövde, is the software that simplifies and structures CE marking and creates a machine-safe workplace.

Corrosion lab

Cotec Labs in Bankeryd provides services in surface technology, corrosion testing, material analysis and more. Through the Surface Academy, designers and buyers are trained to gain better knowledge of surface treatment.

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