A roof covered in solar panels!

That’s what you’ll see if you visit our powder coating plant Industripulver in Anderstorp. This is another step towards making the company more sustainable.

The solar panel surface area is 1850 square meters and covers almost the entire roof. The peak power output is 390 kW and will generate 311,000 kWh per year, which is nearly 10% of PF Industripulver’s annual electricity needs.

– The plan is for more facilities to have solar panels in the future. After this installation, we’ve learned a bit more and can more efficiently set up suitable systems at other facilities. By installing solar panels, we become less vulnerable to external changes, similar to what we have been experiencing in the energy market.
A combination of energy efficiency, effective production, and self-generated energy makes us highly competitive and resilient as a company, helping us develop our business even in adverse conditions,” says Sandra Vatn, Sustainability Developer at Proton Finishing.

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