Proton Group becomes main sponsor of Vandalorum’s Design School

Proton Group is now the proud main sponsor of Vandalorum’s Design School. The design school is aimed at all children and young people who are curious about how things are made, want to create with their hands and like to test different exciting materials and techniques. The participants will also be able to make study visits to several of Proton Group’s manufacturing companies, take part in waste from the businesses to use in their creation and see how design looks and works in different types of businesses.

– Proton Group’s decision to become the main sponsor of Vandalorum’s Design School is extremely gratifying and important for us to be able to offer this creative and unique leisure activity in Sweden. It is also crucial for us to be able to engage leading designers to hold workshops with the children. We have an incredibly strong and diverse manufacturing industry in our region, in which design is becoming increasingly important. It is therefore important to show children and young people early on how fun and stimulating design is, and how designers can influence and inspire. The collaboration with Proton Group also gives children a unique insight into the company’s exciting and innovative production,” says Elna Svenle, Museum Director at Vandalorum.

Proton Group has been involved in Vandalorum’s education program before and with this investment they choose to support the Design School for the fall semester 2023 and spring semester 2024. The commitment aims to give more children and young people a rich and stimulating leisure time and access to a professional culture.

– We are impressed by the commitment and work of Vandalorum to strengthen children and young people’s interest in culture, design and design. For us at Proton Group, it fits very well with our ambitions to give children and young people in the area the opportunity for an active leisure time, but also to show different jobs in the manufacturing industry. With our commitment, we also hope that more companies in the area will sponsor Vandalorum for increased insight into the industry and a rich cultural life,” says Emma Ohliw, Marketing and Communications Manager at Proton Group.

Vandalorum consists of a number of interconnected buildings based on a concept by Italian architect Renzo Piano. The strategic location where the E4 and Highway 27 meet outside Värnamo is a clear landmark. Vandalorum is a meeting place for art, design, education and business.

The semester fee to participate in the Design School is 250 SEK. Proton Group also provides the opportunity for children of parents who cannot pay the fee to participate for free.

The Design School’s students meet once a week in Vandalorum’s Form Studio and are led by Vandalorum’s art and design educators together with nationally and internationally active designers and craftsmen. The fall semester Design School starts on Wednesday 6/9 and registration is now open for everyone between 8 and 15 years old. Three prominent designers will hold workshops during the semester.

The autumn program for Vandalorum’s Design School is now complete and workshops will be held by Samir Ali Fält, Emma Dahlqvist and Ida Pettersson Preutz, among others, who you can read more about on Vandalorum’s website.

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