Marcus Landin new CEO of Proton Lighting

We are proud to announce that Marcus Landin has been appointed as the new CEO of Proton Lighting. In his role, Marcus will have a strategic responsibility for the company’s growth and, above all, have a central role in sales, product development and marketing. For Proton Group, the recruitment means great opportunities to grow and develop within the company’s niche.

Marcus has many years of broad experience from leading positions in the lighting industry where he has focused on product development, technology, sales and marketing.

from Jabo Nordic AB where he has held the role of CEO and before that Deputy CEO at Elektro Elco with the hidealite brand. Marcus takes over from former CEO Per Ekholm, who has chosen to step down from his role to focus on his own consulting business.

I am extremely pleased to have been entrusted with driving Proton Lighting forward. I see great potential in the Exaktor and Solution brands, which I already know very well. The lighting industry is on an exciting journey where we at Proton Lighting will continue to develop the market together with our customers and partners, says Marcus Landin, newly appointed CEO of Proton Lighting.

Marcus assumed the role of CEO on 4 September and is located in Värnamo where the head office, product development and production are located.

With Marcus’ broad and practical background from the lighting industry, he will bring a lot to Proton Lighting and the group. He also brings a lot of energy and innovation and I am convinced that he will contribute with several new perspectives and ideas.

David Gustafsson

CEO, Proton Group

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