Proton Finishing Eskilstuna is investing in a sustainable working environment

Climate, customers and employees – everyone wins with the new investments at Proton Finishing in Eskilstuna.

Over many years now, Proton Finishing been pursuing a sustainability project to make the company a leader in the surface treatment industry. Proton Finishing in Eskilstuna is the latest step in the project, investing in three upgrades that will result in major improvements, says Sandra Vatn, sustainability developer:

“Above all, our employees will benefit from these investments because we will have a much better working environment, but we will also be able to reduce our climate impact and reduce our carbon footprint by 87 tonnes.”

Marcus Anderberg, Site Manager in Eskilstuna, is pleased with the investments.

“Being able to offer a good workplace environment means a lot for our employee brand and our ability to recruit new skills.” But it is also a matter of developing the business. Proton Finishing will continue its high rate of investment with a focus on automation, processes and new technology that can contribute to increased sustainability.

“It’s extremely important to our customers that we are proactive in sustainability. Several of our major customers are very impressed with our initiatives and think we’re well ahead of the game. The fact that our investments will make us more efficient at what we do is also a plus with them from a pure business perspective. We see this as the beginning of an exciting growth journey – of course it’s great that the group sees the possibilities of our business and invests in it!”

Above all, our employees will benefit from these investments because we will have a much better working environment.

What’s happening at Proton Finishing in Eskilstuna

Heat recycling

By installing a heat exchanger, the plant can use the heat from the drying oven and the curing oven for the pre-treatment. Energy that previously went to waste and was simply vented out. This reduces the plant’s LPG consumption by about 8 per cent, which significantly lowers its carbon footprint.

Powder coating booth

Previously, many steps had to be done manually. The staff worked with exoskeletons and masks to reduce the risk of injury, but the physical working environment was still demanding. The new powder coating booth is a closed system with significantly fewer manual steps, which will improve the working environment. It also reduces the amount of powder consumed and streamlines production.


The efficient new blaster, installed in 2023, is a replacement investment that will allow for energy recycling and an improved working environment. Old blasters often have many moving parts and leak substances, leading to risks of crush injuries and slippery floors. The new blaster will have a closed system, preventing both of these risks.

Sustainability Developers Sandra Vatn and Site Manager Marcus Anderberg inspect the powder coating booth, which is now ready to go online.

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