Groundbreaking lighting control in the Port of Malmö

One control system – all the solutions. When Elinstallationer Södra Sverige’s “ Johan Olsson was commissioned to improve the energy efficiency of lighting in a complex project in the Port of Malmö, the choice was obvious: Koolmesh from Exaktor.

Elinstallationer Södra Sverige energy and reduce power consumption handles electrical installations for properties and offices throughout Skåne. The focus is on installations related to power, energy- efficient lighting, IMD, data, control and regulation. At present, the company has eight employees, which means that they can easily take on larger projects while maintaining the close relationships their customers value. Johan Olsson, who founded and runs the business, says that his customers’ interest in energy-efficient lighting has increased exponentially.

“Often we deal with updating older lighting installations where you need to increase light levels but also saveat the same time.”

Collaboration is key

For several years now, Johan Olsson has been working closely with Exaktor’s Rickard Bengtsson. Together, they can keep up with the rapid technological development in their field and ensure that customers get a lighting installation that is truly optimised in terms of both energy consumption and functionality.

“For us, it’s important to have a partner who can do lighting calculations and planning that meet my customers’ wishes. My goal is for us to exceed expectations, but also not to overshoot the target so far that we over-install,” says Johan Olsson.

The sky’s the limit

The Port of Malmö has many attractive premises with a focus on warehousing and logistics. Here, Johan Olsson and Rickard Bengtsson have won the trust of several landlords with tenants in different industries. What to they all have in common? A focus on advanced control for high energy efficiency.

“With the help of the Koolmesh control system and the Tage LED luminaire, we’ve been able to meet a wide variety of lighting needs spread over two businesses and a total of 5,500 square metres. The incredible advantage of this system is that it’s really only your imagination that limits what you can do with it,” explains Rickard Bengtsson.

Koolmesh makes it possible to cater for every possible solution in a lighting installation. The unique thing about Koolmesh is that there is a sensor in each luminaire, which provides great flexibility. The system also reacts at lightning speed, because it targetsindividuals instead of groups.

Foresight with a forklift

This is particularly evident at the logistics company Nordanå Transport AB, one of the port’s tenants. Nordanå offers a complete, climate-smart logistics set-up that includes transport and warehousing. In its 4,000 square metre premium warehouse, it stores and reloads groceries for the food industry.

“Our transports are 100 per cent fossil- free. Our deliveries are made with heavy, modern trucks in southern Sweden, with a focus on sustainability. A sustainable working life is part and parcel of sustain- ability as a whole; our drivers always come home to their families every evening,” says Anders Clarén, head of the company’s operations.

Since the facility handles food,it is BRC-classified. Among other things, this entails lighting requirements. For example, there can be no risk of glass splinters.

“Since we’re certified and have a pronounced sustainability profile, it’s important for us to also have energy-efficient lighting that can minimise our carbon dioxide emissions. In Nordanås’ warehouse, the control system really comes into its own. The fact that there’s a sensor in each luminaire ensures faster and safer ignition, while main- taining energy efficiency,” Rickard explains.

“As soon as a sensor is affected, it signals to the next luminaire, which gives the lamps time to illuminate in tandem with the forklift. You never have to worry about the lights not being able to keep up just because the forklift is driving too fast. There will always be a wave of light that follows you as you drive.”

The focus has been on advanced control for high efficiency.

Johan Olsson of Elinstallationer Södra Sverige and Exaktor’s Rickard Bengtsson are experts on energy-efficient lighting.

The staff in Rekomo’s atelier now enjoy excellent work light – 1,000 lux on the work surface – while maintaining energy efficiency.

Work light for the atelier

Another tenant is Rekomo, which sells new and used office furniture. They also have an atelier where they renovate and reupholster used furniture, so-called “refurbishing”. Here, too, there was a wide range of lighting needs – from showrooms to ware- houses and office lighting. As a circular company, it was only natural that Rekomo also wanted an energy-efficient solution.

“Rekomo’s atelier is a great example of how you can combine lighting ergonomics with energy efficiency. Here, they wanted to have a 1,000 lux work light on the work surface so that the employees would have a good light in which to do their sewing work. That’s twice as bright as the standardised office levels. But Koolmesh control keeps them energy-efficient, because the lighting is turned off when you leave the workplace,” says Rickard Bengtsson.

Energy savings of 90 per cent

Because the new lighting replaced old T8 luminaires, and these often lacked any control system at all, the overall energy savings in the premises is around 85-90 per cent. But Elinstallationer Södra Sverige’s Johan Olsson also sees many other advantages.

“Since the control system is wireless, installing it is a snap and requires less material and labour. That means lower installation costs and less environmental impact. Once the luminaires are up, it’s easy to programme and control them with the app on your phone.
Security is another important aspect.

“For us, it’s crucial that a supplier can be trusted in terms of the aftermarket and warranty. Whoever supplies our luminaires and control devices has to take on their share of the responsibility.”

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