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Increasing awareness of Proton Group in academia is important for the employer brand. Proton’s main partner, Jönköping School of Engineering, accepts students from all over the world. Students who later take their knowledge of Proton into their working lives.

Proton Group can broaden the recruitment base and secure new talents directly after their education is complete.

Everyone at my work was really encouraging and it was easy to apply for a leave of absence

The companies in Proton Group accept students from the School of Engineering for internships as part of on-the-job training courses, degree projects, and study visits. Proton also participates in the school’s annual Career Fair, which is attended by around 1,500 students looking to apply for internships, degree projects or part-time jobs.

The partnership has resulted in Proton currently having 10 or so employees in various companies who graduated from different universities. Since Proton is a broad company group, the employees have studied different fields such as mechanical engineering, lighting, logistics and leadership.

Agan chose to study further

One employee who chose to study further is Agan Sela, Machine Operator at Proton Lighting. He was granted a leave of absence and is currently studying Production Development at the Jönköping School of Engineering’s Värnamo Campus.

“I really want to develop in my job and when I found this course, which is a year-and-a-half vocational course offered by the School of Engineering, I felt it was the right thing for me. In addition to Production Development, we are studying leadership, quality and sustainability. I think the course’s structure is excellent, and I enjoy the company-oriented approach which enables us to undertake internships out in the industries,” says Agan, who appreciates the support he has received from Proton Lighting.

“Everyone at my work was really encouraging and it was easy to apply for a leave of absence. I work 60 percent of the time and study 40 percent.”

Strategic value

In addition to its partnership with Jönköping School of Engineering, Proton Group also has valuable contact with other colleges and universities, including Linnaeus University in Växjö and Halmstad University. Proton’s partnerships with higher education are structured and anchored in the respective subsidiary’s management team. All activities are noted and gauged by the management teams and then reported to the CEO.

Proton Group operate in a region where entrepreneurship historically been highly valued, but where there has been a lack of collaboration with academia. A real-world link between academia and industry is an imperative competitive factor, not least of all from an international perspective. That Proton works with universities is simply good business!

The colleges and universities in Proton’s area are amazingly proficient and the partnership produces mutual benefits. This is something with which Linda Bergqvist, Partnership Manager at the Jönköping School of Engineering, fully agrees:

“The partnership with Proton gives students a chance to test theory in practice, while also becoming employable when they graduate. The company has an opportunity to assess the students and build a recruitment base for the future. It’s a win-win situation that benefits the companies, students, and the region as a whole!”

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