Candour, sustainability and strategy!

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Candor to our unit in Forsheda for talks on sustainability development.

It was a meeting with the opportunity to share experiences, visions and ideas around sustainability development.

During their visit, Candor received a briefing from our Maria Thom who shared Proton’s journey in sustainability work. A work that we are very proud of and that we are passionate about.

Patrik Dagmalm, Technical Manager at Candor, expressed himself as follows:

‘It was with great interest that Candor got to know Proton’s work in sustainability through the tour and presentation that the enthusiastic Maria Thom was responsible for. We left with deeper knowledge and new ideas for Candor’s sustainability strategy.’

Listening to Candor’s story of their own journey was both inspiring and rewarding. It is these moments of openness, shared commitment and collaboration that drive us forward.

Together we are creating positive change!’

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