A PLUS lays the foundation for Proton’s identity.

A brand is more than just an advert, a piece of print, copy or a punchy advert. Put simply, a brand is the sum of what you say and do – and here our values are crucial to strengthening and building our brand. The new values that have been developed are not a paper product, the values should describe how we are and act towards those we deal with. That, if anything, we believe, forms a brand.

A positive force

In recent days, Proton’s new identity has been presented and rolled out. Internally and externally. And if you have read about our core values work and what it resulted in on previous pages of the magazine, you will surely understand parts of what forms the basis of Proton’s new identity.

The former strong red colour of Proton’s identity has given way to a more monochrome basic palette to create unity and harmony. Timeless and classic, the colour is as relevant today as it will be years from now. The accent colours are easily matched against the monochrome, adding a sense of calm, softness and clarity, but also contributing to the feeling of warmth and energy. The umbrella, which is the symbol we used to have in our logo, symbolised our group’s

breadth of activities, competences and people. And the protection these provide each other. This is still a big part of what Proton stands for and how we act within the Group, but we see that what takes us forward is precisely what brought us here, the purpose of what laid the foundation for Proton’s start.

So in developing a new identity, it was important for us to preserve what Proton has stood for since it was founded in 1947, to be a positive force and make a difference. That’s why we decided to let a strong, clear plus sign set the tone for our new logo. It also fits in well with the values the entire group has been developing over the past year.

The values work is fully in line with the new Proton identity and vice versa, which really helps us in achieving the group’s vision.

The essence of who we are

Our plus is based on the essence of who we are. Our company name originates from a proton, a positively charged particle.
Right from the start, when the group of companies was formed, it meant that we wanted to make a positive difference to all those who in some way have to do with us at Proton; employees, customers, suppliers, society. The symbol in the form of a subtle plus thus links to the positive charge in Proton, it should be felt

modern and symbolise technology, the cutting edge and an exciting character. The logo’s plus sign is an arrow, which symbolises the energy and hope for the future that exists in the group’s companies and employees.
– When we started working on both the core values and the brand, we had no idea that they would build each other so much. The core values work is completely in line with the new identity for Proton and vice versa, which really helps us in the work of

achieve the group’s vision. “We are going into this with so much energy and hope for the future,” says Emma Ohliw, Marketing and Communications Manager at Proton Group.

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