Proton Group receives the award as Collaborative Company of the Year

At Värnamo Näringslivsgala, Proton Group received the award for Collaborative Company of the Year 2024. Henrik Dyberg and Jonas Stålnacke at Proton Finishing, received the award presented by Campus Värnamo.

The motivation for the award was as follows:

Proton has contributed with positive energy to the development of Campus Värnamo’s Production Development programme. Through several of its companies, Proton has taken great responsibility for the working life connection in the programme by holding guest lectures and receiving students for internships and degree projects. Furthermore, Proton Finishing has been a driving force in the management group for Production Development and has taken the role of chairman of the group.

Proton Group is a worthy winner and a collaborative company that contributes to the Värnamo region’s skills supply.

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