Proton Finishing and Alsab growing together

Alsab in Anderstorp became part of the Proton family back in February when it was acquired by Proton Finishing. And it’s been a hive of activity. The first quarters of 2021 have been marked by change.

“Now we’re looking forward to reaping the benefits of our partnership,” says site manager Mattias Larssen.

Anderstorps lackeringsservice, or Alsab for short, is a secondgeneration family business. The company was founded in 1989 and Mattias, who joined the business in 1994, took over in 2012. Customers are found in essentially all industrial sectors with the exception of automotive, which is of course Proton Finishing’s primary target group. In addition to powder coating, Alsab’s offering includes pre-treatment with Bonderite 30001 corrosion protection.

A team you can depend on

Over the years, Alsab has made a name for itself as a dependable supplier.

“The fact that our customers and partners feel that way makes us extremely happy! We’ve always strived to maintain high quality – in our deliveries as well as in our contact with customers and suppliers. Similarly, we strive to create a bright, clean and pleasant work environment to ensure employee well-being and job satisfaction. Because it can be done – even in our industry. It’s an area where we’d like to be a role model,” says Mattias.

Today, Alsab has about 20 employees, annual sales of SEK 18 million and plans for further growth.

“Since 2015, we’ve doubled our sales and, as part of the Proton family, we’re in a really good position to continue our growth journey. We’ve already received, and will continue to receive, extensive support from Proton Finishing in areas such as quality, the environment and finance, which will eventually enable us to focus even more on what we deliver.

” In fact, Alsab has already seen an effect on its order intake. Previously, Proton Finishing often declined requests that didn’t quite match its production units’ automotive offering.

“Now, Proton Finishing’s key account managers Martina Erdman and Anders Olsson refer these jobs to us. Naturally, it’s great that we can help to generate more business.”

“Now we’re starting to see the opportunities and what we’ll be able to achieve together moving forwards.”

Bang on the mark

Alsab has been a hive of activity. The first quarters with Proton have seen many organisational changes. Among other things, we’ve begun implementing quality and certification work under Proton Finishing’s supervision, which has meant new procedures for key performance indicators, improvements and more. Chemical handling has also been modified to ensure standard procedures across the board.

– There’s still a lot of work to be done, but over the past few weeks we’ve seen how much is starting to fall into place, and naturally this feels promising. Now we’re starting to see the opportunities and what we’ll be able to achieve together moving forwards. The only downside is that we haven’t been able to get to know our new colleagues at Proton Finishing in the way we would’ve liked to; the coronavirus put a stop to that. However, at least this gives us something to look forward to!” says Mattias, who chose to accept Proton Finishing’s bid because of its corporate culture.

– I feel that Proton Finishing has a professional organisation that can support Alsab in our continued development. What’s more, the Proton Group has made abundantly clear that its involvement is long term. This was extremely important to me.”

Great at change

Proton Finishing’s CEO Per Ekholm is especially pleased with the acquisition.

“We see great potential in Alsab on the basis of our customers’ increased interest in pre-treatment with Bonderite and as a complement to Proton Finishing’s offering. The real strength, however, is the staff’s amazing commitment. The staff at Alsab have already demonstrated excellence in quality, production efficiency and logistics as well as in their ability to implement change. Through its actions, Alsab helps to strengthen everything that Proton represents: Enjoy succeeding together,” says Per Ekholm, who doesn’t shy away from putting a number on his future expectations:

“Our aim is for Alsab to generate annual sales of SEK 30 million within three years.”

Ville Rattana has worked at Alsab for many years and took to it “like a duck to water”.
“It’s full steam ahead here and the days pass quickly. Good workmates help you to get more done!”

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