Proton Engineering keeps the wheels rolling

Imagine that every truck in Sweden suddenly stopped. As a consequence, 89% of all domestic freight transport would come to a standstill. Proton Engineering is an important cog that keeps heavy traffic rolling, not only in Sweden but throughout the world.

“We are an important link in the chain, a really important cog in the wheel, that ensures that truck traffic is able to operate across the globe,” says Iosif Hampel, Sales Manager.

Proton Engineering is an integral part of the heavy automotive industry’s livelihood in Sweden as well as Europe, South America and regions in Asia. The components manufactured include carrier pipes and piping, i.e. pipes that convey media such as water, refrigerants, fuels and oils. The components constitute critical parts of both the engine and gearbox, meaning requirements on quality are extremely high. Faults are not permitted.

“Imagine having a leaky brake line while driving a fully laden lorry on a motorway in Germany at 90 kilometres an hour. This should never be allowed to happen. The components we deliver make a difference,” says Iosif.

Proton Engineering also provides piping and hood kits for the structural support and reinforcement of heavy vehicles such as loaders and articulated dump trucks. This is another area where safety is a central issue.

“Our components are functionally critical. It’s imperative that we comply fully with our customers’ standards and safety requirements,” says Iosif.

An important factor that also makes a difference to customers is that they receive their deliveries according to schedule.

“This is something that we truly can take pride in. Our delivery reliability is frequently one hundred percent,” says Caritha Bardh, Head of Logistics, Planning, and Procurement.

What is key to success in such an endeavour?

“It begins and ends with communication in all stages. Diligent work and close dialogue among purchasing, planning and production. This enables you to clearly see what’s going on and raise a flag if something goes wrong. Plus, it also makes it easier to deal with those rush orders that come in every once in a while,” says Caritha.

The shared ERP system for communicating both with subcontractors and customers also helps to ensure deliveries.

“Communication via EDI makes it easier for all of us and facilitates transport planning,” says Caritha.

How else do you feel you contribute to making a difference to the workday?

“We are a relatively small organisation without firm boundaries; there’s no ‘us and them’ – we all help each other,” says Iosif.

Caritha agrees:

“If you notice that someone has a high workload, you ask if you can help. We work a lot towards a sense of personal responsibility.”

“We have also gained more women here and it makes a difference,” adds Iosif. “Our discussions and dynamics in the team are different, and that is a good thing.”

Our delivery reliability is frequently one hundred percent. This is something that we truly can take pride in.

Caritha Bardh

Head of Logistics, Planning, and Procurement, Proton Engineering

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