Climate footprint at article level

We have completed the work of making GHG calculations on all six of our plants and can therefore show the climate footprint for each of our processes down to article level. The next step is to show the climate footprint on article level on our quotes.

We calculate our climate footprint by converting all the climate impact that our business has into CO2 equivalents. These calculations cover all our processes both upstream and downstream.

They also consider the type of energy and what the products emit in CO2 before they arrive to us, as well as the climate impact at the end customer.

– Climate calculations are a bit tricky as there is not much to go on, but we have learned a lot along the way and this we will build on, says Sandra Vatn – Sustainability developer at Proton Finishing.

-We notice that the questions from our customers regarding climate footprint are increasing, so being able to show our customer what climate footprint the process gives up front in the quote is an important step in our sustainability development and another step on our journey towards a more sustainable surface treatment business, says Anders Olsson -Sales Manager at Proton Finishing

What is GHG?

GHG protocol stands for Greenhouse Gas Protocol and is a global standard used to facilitate organizations’ reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

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